The Most Amazing Recruiting Story.

The Most Amazing Recruiting Story.

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🖐 🛑 A must read below if you are a Recruiter OR doing any hiring or recruiting at all in 2023.

Well, I thought I sent my last post of the year until I read this, The Most Amazing Recruiting Story

Kevin Chiu 👇 Recruiting story below…

We are gearing up for our clients who have – MAJOR Hiring plans in 2023!

Despite what you may be reading in the news… 📰

A recent poll I ran here on Linkedln showed:

15% We are laying off


45% said

We are hiring.

40% Staying about the same.

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Many organizations are expecting significant increases in their staff levels over the next year, it is essential for recruiters and hiring managers alike to prepare now for normal + make-up hiring ❗ in 2023.

Few hired the last two+ years.

💥 💥 💥 Hiring in 2023 may be 1.5-2x normal. 💥 💥 💥

By taking steps such as meeting with great Recruiters, HR Managers and Hiring Managers, reevaluating existing hiring processes today, you’ll be well on your way towards creating a successful hiring strategy come next year – one that will bring high-quality talent into your organization while minimizing costly mistakes down the line.

If you know who you want and you recruit like Kevin go for it.

But, look at all the things he does it’s amazing.

All of this goes on in the background if you have a Great Recruiter on your side.

So, DIY if you think you recruit like this guy.

If not leave it to the professionals in 2023 and call a Recruiter. ☎

Now on to Kevin Chiu’s homerun hiring post! 👇
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Story by Kevin Chiu

I only know 2 VPs of Sales that ever went from $0 to $250M ARR. One of them is Mark Kosoglow from Outreach & I knew I wanted him for our CRO role. 

Here’s how I recruited him, play-by-play 👇

1️⃣ Nobody great is looking to leave right their job immediately & almost always say no to new opportunities. To combat this, use the ‘advisor’ tactic. Equity in exchange for advice. De-risk getting to know them and helps you both get to ‘try’ before you buy and it will warm them up to the opportunity over time. 

2️⃣ I set him up with our top investor from Accel to have 1:1 *casual* conversations. Casual is key. They can’t feel you are full-court press, even if you are. You must lure them in slowly. 🎣

3️⃣ If you’ve met Mark you know he thrives in energy. Remember the scene from WeCrashed with Adam Neumann & how he set up the “perfect” office environment, decided where people sat, what it looked like, & what the energy *felt* like for Masayoshi from SoftBank when he entered?

I ran that play. Made sure the office was packed. Made sure every SDR & AE was in there hitting the phones to give him the memories of Outreach in the early days which he mentioned to me he missed.

I remember watching him from the corner of my desk; it was like a kid in Disneyland. Big smile, ear to ear. He was getting hooked. 😅

4️⃣ Mark told me he wanted to be back in the boardroom. At Outreach the company got too big & they didn’t need him in there anymore. So you know what I did? I faked a board meeting just for him & had him come out to NY for it. He still actually has no clue… until he reads this post.

Myself, my co-founder, & the board was there ready to make sure he felt like he was a part of the team already. If Scorsese wrote a movie on recruiting, this scene was it, and I made Mark the protagonist. 🍿

5️⃣ After the “board meeting” went as planned, I took him to dinner with Edward and I. At the perfect spot, with the perfect meal, with his favorite drink. Magical. Talking about world domination all night; the three of us; the dream team. A convo so good I knew he’d call his wife on the way home raving about it. 📞

6️⃣ Mark had about 7 offers at the end of his search since it picked up steam along the way with 23 companies chasing him in total. It was starting to make me sweat.

At the end, it came down to Catalyst vs a top reverse ETL company. It was a Friday morning when he told me that he needed the weekend to think it over. Similar to sales, you never let a prospect think about it over the weekend. It means they’re not sure you are the ‘solution of choice.’

I asked him what his reservations were, addressed them, & said let’s talk again in a few hours.

I canceled all my meetings that day & created a 5-page Gartner-level Analyst Report on why this ETL company was going to lose to their biggest competitor & sent it to him before our final meeting.

Later that night, he signed as Catalyst’s new CRO. ✍️📃

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The Most Amazing Recruiting Story of 2023 goes to…

The Most Amazing Recruiting Story.

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