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Joe Pelayo Captured Live at the City Club — DVD $49.95 — The latest from Joe Pelayo, this DVD captures Joe in action in one of his famous meetings at the City Club of San Francisco, California teaching executive interview techniques and philosophies for winning in the job search and in life. Professionally filmed on location by Stu Sweetow and edited by award winning editor Jason LaBatt.

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What they are saying about… "Work Your Network!"

“Joe Pelayo is one of the greatest networkers you will ever meet”

“Your ability to develop a network of supportive friends and associates can supercharge your life; Joe Pelayo shows you how to do it quickly and easily.”
~ Brian Tracy – Author of Million Dollar Habits

“Work Your Network! is a lesson in persistence, a tale of accomplishment and an achievement in writing.”
~ Pat Brown – The San Francisco Examiner

“Network, Network, Network! Joe wrote the book, all you have to do is follow it to success.”
~ Bob MacIntosh – CEO of PIER 39

“Joe Pelayo is an American original — a new century Horatio Alger. His inspirational story is punctuated by wit, wisdom and an unwavering respect for truth; yet his most appealing quality is a deep and non-judgmental sense of humanity. Joe’s pursuit speaks the perfect poetry of everything that’s possible in life.”
~ Bill Radin – Author of The Recruiter’s Almanac

“Joe Pelayo has risen from his amusing, but troubled youth to become one of the country’s premier recruiting professionals. His secret – networking. He proves it’s not what you know, but who you know – and his secret is the ability to leverage those relationships into situations where it is more valuable to know Joe than to not know him. You get what you give – and Joe gives a lot. He turns the art of networking into a science and his book shares those techniques which have made him a winner – in our profession and in life itself.”
~ Paul Hawkinson – Publisher, The Fordyce Letter

“In Work Your Network!, Joe Pelayo shares the best tools, strategies and secrets he’s learned on the path to being one of the top recruiters (and networkers) on the planet. If you want to become a ‘luckier’ person you’ll love this book.”
~ Rich Fettke – Author of Extreme Success

“This book is a great read for anyone who roots for or identifies with the prodigal son and believes virtue can rise from the ashes to form a platform of dignified success. The journey, in and of itself, is fascinating. The bridge to accomplishment is instructional. The lessons it espouses is simple yet profound and well worth the read.”
~ Doug Hawkins – Chairman, The CFO Network

“Joe Pelayo is the master of networking. Read his secrets, practice just half of them and you will be too. Simple straight talk from a master!”
~ Mike Faith – CEO,

“Work Your Network! is an essential tool on your way to the corner office. Joe Pelayo’s unfailing positive punch is a reminder that success is a matter of persistence while always staying true to who you are. Warm, funny, personal, effective.”
~ Diana J. Wynne – Producer

“No matter where you are in your career today – just beginning or in the twilight – Joe Pelayo’s book, Work Your Network! is a very timely, valuable, one-of-a-kind asset that when used consistently virtually guarantees superior career growth. I wish I had the advantage of his hard-earned wisdom and advice twenty years ago.”
~ William E. O’Connor – Co-Founder, President and CEO of MicroBarrier Technologies, Inc

“As reflected in his book, Work Your Network!, Joe Pelayo’s real life story serves as a backdrop for his easy to understand and apply approach to building a successful career through networking. In this book you will find a wealth of practical ideas, useful approaches, and winning strategies that will help you build a solid ‘foundation’ for your career as well as your life. You will laugh, you will cry, but most importantly, you will learn from one of the Masters, Joe Pelayo. More than a book, this is a guide to living a full life. I’ve read well over 1000 books in my life but never anything quite like this. A must read!”
~ Terry Petra – Past Chairman of the National Association of Personnel Services, CPC, CIPC

“As much as anyone else I know, Joe Pelayo practices what he preaches. Over many years, I have seen his creative approach, with its unorthodox style, produce enviable results. Joe has proven beyond reproach that if you invest yourself in people, people will respond.”
~ David Schulhof – CEO, and Serial Entrepreneur

“I just finished Work Your Network! Once I started reading I didn’t want to put it down. In fact, yesterday I opted to take BART instead of driving so I could continue reading. Your book is full of great lessons and tips, and I know that I’ll be a better networker for having read it and look forward to putting your ideas into action.”
~ Patrick “Public Relations” Galvin – Galvin Communications

“I finished Work Your Network! basically in one sitting. I’ll probably have to get a new one each year because we’ll wear it out here at SearchPartner. My concern is that this book will take a long time in the publishing cycle because none of the editorial staff will ever finish working on it before they either get a new job or a promotion.”
~ Dave Staats – SearchPartner, LLC, Brentwood, Tennessee

“Work Your Network! is a very engaging, honest look at a leader’s path to success and personal fulfillment!”
~ Amy Reece – Founder and CEO of Leaderview

“Stupendous! I only wish that I had read this at the beginning of my career. Joe Pelayo provides not only the ‘how to,’ but the inspiration and examples for all of us who aspire to achieve success. A must read!”
~ Frank Tilley – CFO/Partner, Tatum Partners, Dallas/Fort Worth Former Chairperson, Bay Area Financial Executives Networking Group

“Joe gets it. From his considerable success, he’s created six lessons on networking and job search. He tells you how and he tells you why you MUST. This is his personal story — informative and, above all, inspirational — about his life, his family and his team. His stories about his father and him are especially moving. Read it. Learn it. Do it.”
~ Andy Schneit – Past President, Institute of Management Accountants, San Francisco Chapter

“Work Your Network! proves a formal education is not a prerequisite to success if you have a passion for your work!”
~ David A. Knutson – CPC – The Knutson Group, LLC

“Work Your Network! is destined to become one of the best books ever written on networking. Joe has not only captured the essence of networking, he has written a book full of motivation.”
~ Paul Austin – CEO, Qualitec

“I first met Joe Pelayo at a networking event, where else!? I was completely disarmed by his kindness and willingness to get to know me. Since that time I have benefited repeatedly from being plugged into Joe’s network and now he shares his secrets of success with the whole world in his typically funny, self effacing style…A wonderful book with a great message!”
~ Tim Hoyle – Awareness Coaching and Training

“A wonderful, fun, high energy book!”
~ Tina Thomas – SVP & Chief Compliance Officer of The Fremont Group

“I’ve never in all my years seen a book packed with such great advice and yet be so much fun to read.”
~ Lou Mangini – Portfolio Manager, Zola Capital