Who is the classiest executive you have ever been around?

Who is the classiest executive you have ever been around? This post and the letter below has the potential to make you a little classier…

I really enjoy the work that I do, especially getting the opportunity at times, working with higher-level executives. They have a classy way about them and after so many years of doing this I have begun to wonder if they weren’t super classy from the very start of their careers.  Sometimes we might think “If I were that successful, I’d be classy too.” But I believe these folks have been classy from the get-go, from the day they started working and that is why people liked them and that is why they got promoted and of course they were effective at what they did indeed super effective, but the class has always been there.

If you talk to a high-level executive even for a nanosecond during their job search you will always get a classy letter at the end of their job search that reads something like the below you can use this letter to close out your next job search with class…

Dear Joe,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance in my recent job search. I very much appreciate all the thoughtful advice that you gave me and the time you spent with me during my job search.

I’m pleased to announce I have accepted the role of Big Shot Executive at ABC company, and I am thrilled and excited to begin my new career with ABC company and look forward to continuing to network with you and talk with you in the future and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance during my job search it was a pleasure to meet you and I thank you.

Kindest regards,
Big Shot Executive

About Joe Pelayo 

With a career spanning over three decades in the recruitment industry, Joe Pelayo has established himself as a distinguished Executive Recruiter, Speaker, and Author, wielding a profound influence on the talent acquisition landscape. As the CEO of Joseph Michaels International Recruiters, Joe has been pivotal in connecting exceptional talent with growth-oriented companies across the USA and globally. His expertise is underpinned by a rich tapestry of experience that includes recruiting for a wide spectrum of roles, with salary ranges from $75K to $750K. Recognized as one of the top 75 Executive Recruiters in the United States by RecruiterLife Magazine,

Joe’s comprehensive network exceeds 21,000 connections, testament to his deep-rooted commitment and successful strategies in talent management & recruiting. A past president of the Young Entrepreneur’s Organization and celebrated author of “Work Your Network!”, Joe continues to be a beacon for both companies seeking talent and professionals aspiring for excellence.

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