Interview with a Successful Job Seeker

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Interview with a Successful Job Seeker

Joe: Hi there! Thanks for joining me today to talk about your recent success in landing a job.

Job Seeker: Sure thing, happy to share my experience.

Joe: So, you ended up with multiple offer’s, right? And a nice salary increase? Easy game! But seriously, I know it was quite a character-building journey for you.

Job Seeker: It was.

Joe: And how long were you looking for work?

Job Seeker: 8 months

Joe: That’s a long time.

What kept you motivated during this period?

Job Seeker: I looked at it as an opportunity to re-evaluate my goals and focus on developing new skills. I also used this time to network, which was very helpful I think for the long run. Most importantly, I reminded myself that if I kept working hard, good things would eventually come. And that’s what happened.

Can you tell me a bit about your job search process?

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Job Seeker: Of course. I was laid off and started looking. I had a severance, so I wasn’t worried at first. I started by searching jobs on Linkedin and submitting my resume to any openings that looked the least bit promising. I was a machine applying for 50-75 jobs a day.

Joe: And how did that work for you?

Job Seeker: It didn’t. At first, I didn’t get any response. But after a few weeks, I started to see some traction. But I’d get calls for jobs I had no interest in and no calls for jobs I did want…

Joe: So nothing happened at first just unanswered applications and no calls?

Job Seeker: Yes and I got discouraged. I did tasks around the house and cleaned out the garage. Anything to avoid the job search.

Joe: Then what happened?

Job Seeker: I ran out of money. And then I got really serious about finding a job. I began asking for more advice and it was humbling but so helpful. I wish I had done the second job search first!

Joe: Well so others can benefit from your story what happened next?

Job Seeker: Let’s see. I became more targeted in what I was applying for and I went to more in-person events. I sent the script you suggested. The one about one about asking for referrals from your bosses and people who knew you. That email script works! Link to script

Opening up to relocation was big. I opened myself up to relo. as you suggested. I really didn’t want to relo. but I was desperate, and I wanted the phone to ring, I figured I could always say know if the job was in Timbuktu.

I started working with Recruiters and really picking their brain’s and asking for advice. I tried to turn emails into phone calls and phone calls into face-to-face meetings like you suggested in 18 interviewing tips.

What was the one thing you did that helped you the most?

I can’t really say one thing…

I was pushing every button I could find.

I was desperate.

Okay here’s one thing I would suggest to people is, when you get some traction lean into that. What I mean by that is there were several times where I thought I had a good shot on a job or even a few jobs and then when they fell apart and I had to start over from scratch that was hard. Like getting a locomotive rolling from a standing start you know. So that’s one thing is don’t stop even if your close on an offer. Don’t stop fishing until the fish is in the boat.

Joe: Do you fish?

 Job Seeker: No.

Joe: Good analogies. Well, tell me more about what worked for you?

Job Seeker: I started doing my homework in preparation for each interview differently – research on the company, everyone tells you and practicing interview questions and answers, thinking through how I might approach certain scenarios they presented me with. But no one tells you to study the interviewer and research them! I researched the individuals I was meeting with thoroughly on LinkedIn, which allowed me to make a better first impression. That was something I learned late in the process I would do differently everyone tells you to research the company, but no one tells you to research the individual.

Joe: And how did you find the job you ultimately landed?

Job Seeker: It was through a Recruiter. Someone I had hired through, and we had built a rapport which I think gave me a leg up in the process because she really pushed for me.

Joe: Awesome. Do you have any other advice for those who might be looking for a job right now?

Job Seeker: Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Don’t underestimate the power of networking – it can be your best asset in the process. Stay active on social but really more so in person. Job search is so lonely. Don’t judge a job by its Title. Don’t determine whether or not to call back a recruiter or any hiring manager based on that job description because they may have other jobs.

Also, make sure you’re taking a long-term approach. You told me no one would want to hire me for months and then several companies would want to hire me all at once and that’s exactly what happened.

Joe: Well, congratulations again on your success on finding a great job that you love! And thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Job Seeker: Thank you – it was my pleasure to talk about this. Good luck to everyone out there looking for work!

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Interview with a Successful Job Seeker by Joe Pelayo