A CFO I met very early in my career…

A CFO I met very early in my career… All seemed normal but…

A number of years ago I went to meet with the CFO and number two person at a very fast-growing billion-dollar company. You can imagine how excited I was about the meeting.

It started out normal with some comments about the plaques on the wall and photos of his family on his desk. Then we talked about the company and their recruiting strategies and philosophies.

Then, I thought I would score some points with an honest compliment and a question that had been floating around in my mind ever since I arrived. So, I asked him how he had achieved so much success in his career.

He told me some amazing stories of luck, skill, chance, networking and hardwork.

Then he leaned way back in his chair and said,

“There is one other thing Joe.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I found a very creative way to use Executive Recruiters.” He said.

“I’m all ears” I replied.

He said, ” What I did was a got to know my job really well. Then I got to know my Bosses job “cold” I mean I could definitely do his job.”

“Then I gave the name of my boss to an Executive Recruiter I knew, and the Recruiter Recruited my boss to a great job. And, I got his job.” He smiled.

As his smile grew, he said, “By the way Joe, have you met our Chief Executive Officer.”

Then he jumped right into what he was needing to recruit with an intensity I could not keep up with but I took notes as fast as I could. Then he says. “I gotta jump Joe I got an 11:00.”

We shook hands. The subject never came up again and I never got the courage to ask him if he was serious.

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