Working with Executive Recruiters

It’s important to understand how executive recruiters operate and what their motivations are in order to effectively navigate these interactions.

It’s important to keep in mind that their ultimate loyalty is to their client – the company looking for a new executive – rather than the job seeker. After all the company client is paying the fee.

Nonetheless, in working with them they can serve you as valuable resources and advocates. I will go so far as to say working with Executive Recruiters maybe be one of the most important strategic things you can begin to do in your career.

They often have insider knowledge about companies and industries that can help job seekers make informed decisions. They can also provide useful guidance on resumes, interviews, and negotiating offers. They can keep an eye on the market like a realtor for a house.

And you can set them up to find you a great job even when you have one simply by saying, I’m happy where I’m at but… Or, only call me for job that pay over 100,000 and are within 20 mile of my house OR whatever criteria is important to you.

By the way I think the earlier in your career that you are open to relocation the better but that’s a good idea for a different article.

In short working with Executive Recruiters is usually an adventure best began while you are working.

There’s an old saying

“An Executive Recruiter is like a banker, he’ll loan you a job as long as don’t need it!”

The Executive Recruiter will see you now…

Great! where was he when I needed him!

You can best start working with Executive Recruiters while you are employed.

So another good thing to know about Working with Executive Recruiters is that they are like mostly to want what they can’t have. So if they call you, never appear desperate because they are repelled by desperation.

One good way to decrease your desperation is to open yourself up to a nationwide or worldwide job search even if it means a crazy number.

As an Executive Recruiter I work with many people who are not looking for a job. But, I always ask them, “what is your crazy number?”

So even if you are not open to a new job in – fill-in-the-blank city state or country, be prepared to present a crazy number scenarios to your executive recruiter. You don’t want to relocate for example but what if it was a chance to get into Google OR YouTube when it was Pre-IPO? Never say never.

In conclusion, executive recruiters can be valuable allies in a job search if approached with an understanding of their role and potential benefits. They can provide insider knowledge, career guidance, and access to opportunities not available through traditional job searching methods. Just remember that ultimately, their loyalty lies with the company they are recruiting for – but working with them effectively can still result in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Joe Pelayo is an Executive Recruiters working with Joseph Michaels International Recruiter he recruits for some of the top companies in the world and has been recruiting since 1990.

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