The Knowledge Cafe book recommendation

I want to recommend a good book I’ve been reading called, The Knowledge Cafe. In the old days you would study for 4 years or so, to get your knowledge.


But, as Benjamin Anyacho, MBA, PMP says in the book, we need to look at a buffet of ongoing learning now…rather than one time learning…


“In today’s world of breakthrough changes, where we drink from a fire hose of information, constant and quick learning of new things, openness to new ideas, and adaptation are not optional but necessary skills. Learn or become irrelevant. But learning is not enough. We need that “Aha!” moment that happens in a conversational setting that a cafe provides…



We live in a knowledge economy, which depends on the quality, ease of access, find-ability, discoverability, of information, and conversion velocity to knowledge. Knowledge is the most significant currency in today’s project driven world, yet the current knowledge of an organization or industry may be obsolete in two to five years…



The way we acquired and exchanged knowledge yesterday will not suffice today…”



As the old saying goes, “Readers are leaders.” Thanks for being a good leader and thanks for reading.


Thank you for your business!


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