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A good vacation should make you want to go back to work. And after a ski trip to Tahoe, my first time on skis in 15 years, I’m excited to get back to work. I returned to 1,821 jobs on our website, a one year high.

This slide from shows how the temporary help index fell off a cliff last year in the shutdown and has risen back to just about pre-pandemic levels.

                    I picked up a pair of sunglasses on the way to Tahoe that I would recommend, they are the Bose Tempo Sunglasses with the built-in Bluetooth headphone. If you call in your job order this week, you can be the first to ask me if I am talking on my sunglass-headphones and let me know how they sound. And yes you can play your music / podcasts on them. The sound quality is what you would expect from Bose and the charge lasts over 8 hrs!Bose Frames Tempo - Headphones - glasses - Bluetooth - wireless - black 3
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