Super Bowl Stats, Facts &Trivia shared by the recruiting team here at Joseph Michaels International.

Super Bowl Stats, Facts & Trivia shared by the recruiting team here at Joseph Michaels International.

Sunday is Super Bowl LV.

Why do they use roman numerals?

The Roman numerals were adopted to clarify any confusion that may occur because the NFL Championship Game—the Super Bowl—is played in the year following a chronologically recorded season. Numerals I through IV were added later for the first four Super Bowls.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is going for his 7th Super Bowl win and making his 10th Super Bowl appearance, an NFL record.

The Buccaneers are the first team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl in their own stadium.

Kansas City Chiefs were 8-0 on the road this year.

Tom Brady will be playing in his third Super Bowl game since turning 40. No other quarterback played in a Super Bowl in his 40’s

Kansas City Chiefs QuarterbackPatrick Mahomes is 25.

Sarah Thomas is the 1st female referee of a Super Bowl game.

This is the 1st time in 55 years that cash will not be accepted at the Super Bowl.

This year, the average cost of a 30-second Super Bowl commercial is a whopping $5.5 million according to Ad Age.

KC Quarterback Patrick Mahomes makes $45 million a year

Patrick Mahomes was born in 1995.

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