Looking for a job

Do you know anyone looking for a job? Have them connect with me on LlnkedIn. I am connected to 19,000 and several thousand of those are also recruiters nationwide and international. My company, Joseph Michaels International Recruiters is for any job seeker $50K to $500K base salary.

45mm lost their jobs so these are trying times for the people seeking. But the mass re-hiring has begun and there are 950 jobs on our website. That is down from over 2,000 before the shutdown. But we are working hard to make sure the jobs there are only those from serious employers ready to hire now. Some are Zoom interviewing and hiring with a prolonged start date but interviews are finally moving forward.

This is one of the best times ever to hire people. Because of the pandemic, and shutdown people are open to talk that were previously were unreachable or un-talk-to-able happy. Since many are still working from home with their work phones forwarded, our recruiting team is reporting that they can get the unreachable on the phone and they are now open to talk.

What an incredible time to add a superstar or two to your team.

Call me direct if you are hiring, we can help at 800-786-1099, remember to use option 1. If busy, please wait 5-10 minutes and try again.


Joe Pelayo


I am assuming we are already connected, but if not, let’s connect on Llnkedin. I am getting very close to 20,000 connections/followers. Our connecting will help us grow each other’s network and help us to help others.