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I have about 50 executives who really look out for me.
And now, since I’ve been recruiting for so long, they are handing me off to their next-in-command.

We all need
that supporters and mentors in our careers who lookout for us and have our back. People who tell us what job to take, or how to ask for a raise, or get a promotion. People who defend our job and get us out of trouble.

Dennis Billingsley was one of those for me.
The big boss where I worked was sure I would never amount to anything.
He asked Dennis constantly why he did not fire me.

But, Dennis defended me and stuck his neck out and said:
“You watch this guy is really gonna be a great recruiter someday.”

after finding every way to fail in the recruiting business I eventually
proved him right and became one of the top Recruiters in 400 person,
publicly held recruiting firm.
But had he not stood up for me I would most likely have been fired. I also tried to quit once and he talked me out of that.

We all need people like that who help us in our careers.
Keith Craft says, “Every person needs at least 3 people. A Paul, A Mentor – We are learning from. A Barnabas, A Best Friend – Who we are doing life with. And a Timothy, A Mentee – Who we are pouring into.

No one wins the race alone. Ask for help, seek mentors.
Find a friend who gets you and understands the work you do, and you can talk to.
And remember if your cup is full, pour some of your greatness into someone else climbing the ladder.
That’s what 50 executives did for me.

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Joe Pelayo
Joseph Michaels International

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