“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 211

Times Change

A recent development at Arizona State University has lead to a new memory technology 1000 times greater than that of existing flash memory. Micron Technology, IBM, Samsung, and Sony have expressed interest, and the first commercial products could arrive within 18 months, according to a recent article in PC World.

Another article in PC Magazine discusses the end of Gordon Moore’s Law, which says that computing power doubles about every two years, suggesting much more rapid change in computing power in the very near future.

I make a point to read a number of computer magazines every quarter or so. It’s a little bit like reading the Bible. I don’t understand everything I read, but I get a little more enlightened each time I read. Here’s an anonymous quote from the 1600’s as applicable today as it’s ever been…
Tempora mutantur, noset mutamur in illis
That’s Latin for…Times change, and we change with them too.

Maximizing LinkedIn

I’ll be leading a class on using Linkedin for the International Association of Corporate and Professional Recruiters on February 13th.

Spread the word, it’s open to all IACPR members and non-members and likely of high interest to your HR/Staffing/executive recruiting department and to your recruiter friends. Here is more information and a link for the event…

Register Today!
Maximizing LinkedIn:
This Could Be the Only Candidate ID Tool You’ll Ever Need!
Next Webinar in the IACPR Teletopics Series
February 13, 2008 11:30-12:30 Eastern

LinkedIn is the business networking tool that has created a breakthrough platform for recruiting.

Presenter Joe Pelayo, Author of Work Your Network!, will show how, with LinkedIn, you can expand your database and locate the most current information on hard-to-reach top executives throughout the country.

Find out the shortcuts, tips and tools so you can tap into this extensive network to change your recruiting process. Our session will cover:

  • Connecting to hubs
  • “MyLink500,” how to use it and other LinkedIn shortcuts to build your network
  • The LinkedIn toolbar and “Advanced Search” features
  • LinkedIn tools, including “InMails,” “Forwarding” and “Answers,” to ask questions of your contacts.

When: February 13, 2008 11:30 AM -12:30 PM EST
Visit www.iacpr.org To Register!

Featured Executive Searches

This issue’s featured Executive Searches:

A Public Bay Area Biotech firm has retained Joseph Michaels International to find a CFO.
Email resumes/referrals/suggestions to:
Joe Pelayo jpelayo@josephmichaels.com

A Fortune 500 company in Houston, Texas has retained Joseph Michaels International to find a Sr. Manager of SEC Reporting.
Email resumes/referrals/suggestions to:
Dan Tams Dtams@josephmichaels.com
Dan asked me to remind you a 4 Bed. 4 Bath on a half acre is $259K in Houston!

A venture-backed start-up in San Francisco has retained Joseph Michaels International to find a V.P./Controller.
Email resumes/referrals/suggestions to:
Fred Treadwell Ftreadwell@josephmichaels.com

A major healthcare provider in the Bay Area has retained Joseph Michaels International to find a Controller.
Email resumes/referrals/suggestions to:
Fred Treadwell Ftreadwell@josephmichaels.com

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Personal Update

Personal update: In February, 2008, I will begin my 23rd year in the recruiting business.

I’ve just returned from my lifelong friend’s 40th birthday bash in Las Vegas. He invited my wife and I, and 6 other interesting couples for a first class 40th birthday celebration. I’ll be following Lou’s footsteps this year turning the big 40 myself. It’s a good age according to my executive coach Rich Fettke, Author of Extreme Success who told me, “You can still play basketball and you finally start to get a little bit of respect in business!”

I saw a great movie recently I’d like to share with you – it’s called “The Kite Runner.” If it’s not the best movie I have ever seen, it’s right up there. See it and email me how you liked it.

Warm Regards,
Joe Pelayo

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