“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 223

The Stimulus Bill Isn’t Working

Unfortunately the stimulus bill isn’t working as promised. They say we have created 150,000 jobs but for $787 billion that’s $5 million a job. And, just when you thought the recession was nearing an end, the U.S. unemployment rate moved up from 9.4 to 9.5 percent.

I think what we need to do if we really want to stimulate jobs is offer all businesses a tax credit for hiring now. For example if you hire someone now and that person is still on your payroll January 31, 2010 you get a tax credit. You could play with the numbers but let’s just say $7,500 or maybe 10% of the total salary paid. I believe this would stimulate hiring and not cost much.

Does this make sense to you?

Someone once said “Congress believes it has infinite knowledge – but it doesn’t know very much.” “Patience,” says the government, only 10% of the stimulus dollars have been spent and, well yes the fact is that June is often a weak jobs month. Also the new unemployment numbers are nudged lower slightly by the planned firing of about 50,000 temporary workers who were preparing for the census.

What next for our economy? The job market? Stay tuned. I have lots of facts and figures for you next issue.

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Here are a few excerpts I thought you might like from a really good book I’ve been reading called, Learning to Lead – Bringing out the Best in People by Fred Smith.

“One of the things that indicate a healthy flexibility is optimism. Positive people look upon change as a challenge, and they go for it without hesitation.”

“I like to have people around me who are excited about learning. Their rates of learning change over time, of course, but if they are not oriented to grow, if they prefer instead the status quo, I will have a stagnant organization.”

“People have great potential if they want to train themselves. Perhaps the greatest challenge in training someone else is getting the person to want to be trained.”

“Before any of us can be trained, we need to believe someone wants us to do well, believes in us, likes us, respects us.”

“Give a person a reputation to uphold. One of my bosses had a way of saying nice things about his workers that got back to them. True things but nice things, we appreciated it, and we couldn’t keep from trying to do more things he could tell about. People will work hard to uphold a good reputation.”

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