Sunnyvale High Level Executive Recruiter

Are you in need of a Sunnyvale high level executive recruiter to find a talented candidate to lead your company to success? Joseph Michaels International likes the challenge! 

We specialize in filling executive roles, including CEOs, CFOs, senior managers, directors, and other key staff. We have been doing this for over three decades, and we have built a diverse pool of qualified candidates, along with a blue-chip client roster. 

Our firm offers a free consultation to new clients, which gives us the chance to meet and learn about your business and the role you plan to fill. As one of the leading executive recruiting firms in the country, we plan to develop a quality recruiting partnership with you! 

Why Partner with Our High Level Executive Recruiter in Sunnyvale CA

Joseph Michaels International was established in 1990. While the average recruiting firm has just 15 years of experience or less, we have over 30! This unsurpassed experience has led us to develop many partnerships along the way, as well as the opportunity to build a qualified pool of candidates and blue chip client roster. 

When you partner with our Sunnyvale high level executive recruiter, you can expect the following: 

  • Fast results! We are one of the fastest recruiting firms in the industry. We recognize that our clients need to fill their positions quickly, and we can do this thanks to our wide pool of skilled candidates. 
  • Competitive rates. Not only are our rates competitive, but also we can help save your business time and money by taking care of the job search. Put this effort back into your business and let us find the right candidate!
  • Experience. Our high level executive recruiter in Sunnyvale CA has extensive experience filling positions with exceptional talent. It’s not just resumes that we care about – we also consider how each candidate will align with your company culture!
  • Wide range of practice areas. Some executive search firms only specialize in a few key areas, but we specialize in many! From food and health care to manufacturing and agriculture, we can accommodate most industries. 

As a Sunnyvale high level executive recruiter, we take our role seriously. We want you to be happy with your leadership for years to come! Contact Joseph Michaels International for your free consultation.