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Add a dynamic impact to your senior management team with integrated talent management solutions. Joseph Michaels International is one of the leading executive search firms on the West Coast and is known all over the world for providing impressive top level executives for such companies as Coca-Cola, Sony, Dole, Williams-Sonoma, and more.

Joseph Michaels stands above other leading executive search firms because of their ability to tap industry top performers who are passively seeking a step-up in their career. Our executive recruiters are dedicated to finding and presenting to you the most qualified senior executive leaders who may not know how much they are in demand. We are selective in choosing passive candidates because we want to make sure they meet and exceed your expectations and requirements. Joseph Michaels takes pride in being the leading executive search firm that allows your recruiting process to be quick and professional.

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We recruit unmatched candidates who will make a powerful and positive impact on your leadership team, market position, and bottom line. Joseph Michaels has built strong and long-lasting relationships with companies in various industries world-wide and has valuable ties to highly qualified executives who are passively seeking out new and better opportunities.

We take executive recruitment to the next level:

At JMI, we take recruiting seriously. We stay involved and engaged until we’ve delivered on our promise to you. We can bring you the best because we attract the best.

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