Hiring A CfoWhether you are a CFO looking for that ideal job or you are hiring a CFO for your firm, Joseph Michaels International – the retained executive search firm – will help you.

Because of our strong focus on networking, we are often aware of CFO positions before they are advertised. Similarly, we also know about good CFOs who want to change jobs well before the competition does!
EMAIL THE CFO SEARCH EXPERTS: info@josephmichaels.com

Typical CFO Talent

  1. CFO IPO. Firm grew sixteen fold during his tenure.
  2. CFO Biotechnology industry veteran raised $98 Million VC with last firm.
  3. VP Finance Software Industry and IPO experienced.

Typical CFO Jobs From $250K to 750K

  1. Public Company Biotech CFO. $475k. San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. Chief Financial Officer Florida $300K.
  3. CFO, Manufacturing $375k.

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