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Put an influential corporate headhunter on your recruitment team to fill your open senior level positions. At Joseph Michaels, we put our extensive industry knowledge to work for you. As your corporate headhunter, we employ a unique and proven approach to finding established and emerging CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senior Directors and more who may be passively seeking a new leadership role. Our candidates have outstanding reputations for taking their company strategies to the next level while empowering and building trust with their teams. Joseph Michaels can bring the best talent to your team.

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For years, emerging growth companies have trusted JMI to place powerful executives in senior positions all over the world. As experienced corporate headhunters, we put our knowledge to use for you. We prepare by actively participating in industry research and nurturing the relationships we have built over the years with leaders who have the passion and drive to lead. We continue with a custom recruitment solution that aligns with your position requirements.

Corporate Headhunting – Talent Management Solutions
JMI’s teams are comprised of executive recruiters with extensive background and knowledge in a variety of industries. Because we value your time and investment, we handle the initial task of resume screening and interviewing, and then bring top performers to fill positions for:

  • CEO, CFO, CIO, COO and other Chief Executive Offices
  • Presidents & Vice-Presidents
  • Board Members
  • Directors
  • Senior Managers

Take Advantage of our Global Recruitment Scope
No matter your recruitment needs, JMI focuses specifically on your industry and can hone in with executive level specialists to transform your company. Industries include, but are not limited to, the following practice areas:

  • Marketing & Management Services
  • Manufacturing & Agricultural Sectors
  • Finance, Business Services, and Information Technology Segments
  • Aerospace, Biotechnology, and Solar Fields
  • Healthcare, Entertainment and more

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