“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 215

Chicken Little

Chicken Little would be proud. The American Media would lead you to believe that the sky is falling and no firm can turn an honest profit. No industries are doing well – and no one is hiring. Here’s some fast facts gleaned from the Fordyce Forum, I attended and spoke at recently, in Las Vegas. The Fordyce Forum is a recruiter conference drawing several hundred executive recruiters from all parts of the globe.

The Facts about the Unemployment Rate

Fact one: Yes the U.S. unemployment rate recently increased by .5% and that’s a big number, but an unemployment rate of 6% overall, is still respectable by most global economic standards.

Fact two: The average unemployment rate in Europe hovers around 9-10% and be glad that you’re not in Nauru, where you have 90% unemployment – the worst in the world.

This Wikipedia page will show that while we are experiencing higher unemployment, we are still in very good shape relative to the rest of the globe.

I also like Bruce Steinberg’s colorful employment report with easy to read graphs and charts (have your speakers on).

Here are some interesting stats. The current U.S. unemployment rates, broken down by education, are as follows.
>8.3% if no education
>4.3% if some college
>2.2% if a College Graduate

Looking at more numbers than just the Unemployment Rate will provide you a better picture of what the markets are really doing. For example, executives have their own unemployment rate, which no one seems to track very well. If you have a good source for this, let me know.

Remember great executives are rarely unemployed but always accessible through experienced executive recruiters. That’s where we come in. Call us today at 800-786-1099 to discuss your recruiting needs.

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