“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 165

The Bridge and the General

Good Morning,

Do you know the story of “The Bridge and the General”? It’s one of my all-time favorites and it’s relevant all the time in business. It’s Wartime and while marching along the army comes across a river. The General says…

“Sergeant, Put a bridge across that river!”

“Yes sir! Right away Sir!” says the Sergeant.

A few days later, the General sees his Sergeant and barks, “Sergeant, have the draftsmen completed the plans for the bridge yet?”

“No sir.” The Sargeant replies, “The bridge is complete, but the plans won’t be done until next Tuesday, Sir!”

Here’s an updated short list of some of the best talent we are currently representing and a list of positions available with a number of new searches. Thanks for your business everyone! Skip the plans and let us build you a bridge to the talent you need, call us @ (800) 786-1099!

Is the job market heating up? We hope so. An economist described the US economy recently as; “A man with one foot in a bucket of ice, and one foot in a bucket of boiling water, not knowing which way to go!” Pretty descript.

Thanks for reading and remember. If you’re thinking of hiring, think Joseph Michaels International.

The Short List ~ Talent for Hire From Joseph Michaels International

  1. Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Directors. Direct Marketing expert built and sold company to a Fortune 500. $350K
  2. CFO Raised $50 million for CRM software company $250K
  3. CFO Biotech Raised $30 million from VC’s and angels $200K
  4. CFO Medical Manufacturing. CPA and Stanford MBA $150K+
  5. Global Director of Cost Accounting oversees 1.5 billion inventory 8 countries $150K
  6. Controller/CPA 10 years @ PWC Software industry expert $125K
  7. Director of Finance, MBA M&A & Real estate and capital spending analysis $130K
  8. Director of Reporting, CPA Real Estate $120K
  9. Gen. Accounting Manager, CPA 5 years Big 5. 10-Q & other SEC reporting $95K
  10. Accountant/Analyst Hyperion $80K
  11. Senior Accountant CPA $75K
  12. Staff Accountant degreed 4 years GL $65K
  13. Business Collections Specialist 6 years experience $60K
  14. Accounts Payable Specialist/Supervisor $60K

For a full resume via email reply with the number of the resume(s) you would like to review. jpelayo@josephmichaels.com or call 800-786-1099!

The Search list ~ Positions Available From Joseph Michaels International

  • CFO for Public Biotech company $250K
  • CFO for pre-public Semiconductor company $225K
  • $200K Controller for public Biotech
  • Sr. Director Technical Accounting $160K
  • Director of Finance Financial planning $160K
  • Controller for leading real estate company, downtown San Francisco $150K
  • Corporate Controller, CPA North Bay $150K
  • Audit Manager East bay 25% travel $125K
  • Executive Assistant for CEO Investment Banker $100K San Mateo
  • Senior Financial Analyst for North Bay manufacturing company $85K
  • Controller East Bay construction company $85K
  • Manufacturing Financial Analyst Colorado $70K
  • Cost Accountant North Bay Manufacturer $65K
  • Cost Accountant TJ Mexico Must be Spanish/English Bi-lingual $65K
  • Degreed Accountant or CPA, Sonoma $60K
  • Cost Accountant Redwood City $50K

Warm Regards,
Joe Pelayo

Joe Pelayo, C.P.C.
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