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The Impending Employment Crisis

Good Morning!

I was the recipient of the ultimate headhunter compliment the other day. I was attending a networking meeting and here’s how my friend Dan introduced me to his guest:

“This is Joe Pelayo, and he knows everyone in town.”

Thanks Dan, I’ve been working hard for 18 years to finally earn that wonderful introduction.

Recently I attended the Pinnacle Society conference for recruiters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. While there I read a very interesting article by the President – Gail “The Queen” Kaplan. We call her the Queen because she has been such a great President during the tough years that followed 9-11 and you should see her hold court! She runs a great meeting even with a room full of the top Executive Recruiters in the country who ALL think they know everyone in town and that they are the King or Queen! Anyway, it’s a great article. I am reprinting a summary of it here with the permission of the Royal Queen.

She writes:

If you haven’t read Impending Crisis by Roger Herman, Tom Olivio and Joyce Gioia, and aren’t using the wisdom found in the book on a regular basis, please STOP right now and read the book! Don’t we have a responsibility to guide (our clients) in a direction that will soar them into this next phase of the economic playing field?

The biggest thing to remember and the thing that seems to have the most impact on the clients I have talked to is this fact: There are 78 million Baby Boomers that are beginning to be and will continue to be replaced by only 28 million Generation Xers. Where we are going to find the 10,033,000 people the Bureau of Labor Statistics says we are going to be short by 2010.

“The impending crisis is a dangerously critical shortage of qualified people to perform the work of employer organizations. What we will experience in 2003-2010 will make the work force crisis of the late 1990’s seem like a practice session.”

Guess what happened? I started to write this article in my office, went home, and while preparing dinner turned on C-Span. Newt Gingrich and Robert Reich were on a non-political panel discussing various issues. My ears perked up when the moderator asked, “What do both of you think we are going to do about the impending employment crisis?” He then began quoting the statistics I mentioned from Impending Crisis. Not to let my ego run rampant by thinking they had this discussion so I could finish this article with a bang, I can only imagine that the issue has crossed other than recruiter’s minds.

Click here to read the entire article (It’s worth it).
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