“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 207

Financial Executives International

I’ll be speaking at the Financial Executives International (FEI) Career Services Luncheon at Ming’s in Palo Alto THIS TUESDAY, 11:45 AM, September 4th, 2007. If you are a Financial Executive, or know one who might like to attend, please contact Donald Gansheimer, CFO/COO at Ballet San Jose to make a reservation. Donald’s e-mail address is dgansheimer@balletsanjose.org

Featured Executive Search

This issue’s featured Retained Executive Search: This fast growing food company of 50 employees is expanding. Having gained acceptance in fine restaurants and at Whole Foods, the company has raised substantial growth capital and is now cooking up a storm of good PR and increasing earnings. They are seeking a hands-on CFO in San Francisco. Ideas/referrals/resumes to Fred Treadwell Ftreadwell@josephmichaels.com

Captializing on LinkedIn

Linkedin.com has hired my good friend Steve Sordello, previously CFO at Tivo, and AskJeeves. They also just added VP of Marketing, Patrick Crane, from Yahoo. Look for a huge Linkedin public relations push & an IPO in the very near future. How can you capitalize on Linkedin’s 13 million users and the growth upcoming? First, join Linkedin. Next, connect yourself with Linkedin hubs (users with large numbers of connections). For example, I’m happy to connect with you since you enjoy my newsletter. To connect with me directly on Linkedin send me a Linkedin invitation, my email is jpelayo@josephmichaels.com.

As of this writing I have 5663 direct connections. Those 5663 connections have 765,000 connections and those 765,000 connections have 5,171,200 connections and those people are connected to the 13 million users on Linkedin.

I know some people were reluctant to join Linkedin. I was very reluctant at first. But after getting 10 of those pesky, “Join my network on Linkedin…” emails, I finally joined and I’m glad I did. Linkedin is one of my favorite business tools.

If we are not connected on Linkedin yet send me a Linkedin invite. I look forward to networking with you.

Warm Regards,
Joe Pelayo

Joe Pelayo, C.P.C.
Joseph Michaels International
Global Recruiting Solutions
Email: jpelayo@josephmichaels.com
Website: http://josephmichaels.wpengine.com
One of the top 75 Recruiters in the United States ~ Recruiter Life Magazine

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