“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 183

Happy New Year!

As you know, for the most part, I am a devout optimist and I almost always look for the good in all people and in all things. However, I have not yet attained the Zen-like mastery of my mind and thoughts. A CEO friend of mine has an extreme case of reverse paranoia living life with the firm belief that people are conspiring to make his life wonderful!

Still growing towards that level of enlightenment, I will need to cite a few minor complaints before giving thanks for what was all-in-all a fantastic year.

First, with regard to sports in 2004:

The 49ers are the worst team in the NFL. I’m not picking on them – just pointing out the fact. Be honest, with me and my staff and the old lady who lives down the street as my quarterback who would you take?

The Raiders are almost as bad, no playoffs for Bay Area football fans.

The Warriors:
I’m a season ticket holder for the Warriors and if you want to go, just call me. I’ll give you the tickets! I can’t bear to watch anymore. Yes, we won a few games recently and beat Sacramento for the first time since 1829 but, in ten years, no playoffs.

The Giants:
Another high-hoped season ended in a let down. Although it was fun watching Barry hit ’em out. Will he be #1 all time in 2005? Could be very exciting don’t you think? See there’s the optimist in me coming out even before I have finished complaining.

The NHL season hasn’t been canceled yet but it probably is just a matter of time.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t so spoiled with such a great sports history here in the Bay Area… Let’s hope for a little better in the sports department in 2005.

Second, a business complaint:

I had heard SBC could finally combine all my phone bills onto one statement. I had given up fighting the 4 or 5 bills I got each month for my less than a dozen business phone lines, in the past they had told me they were not able to combine my bills into one.

So anyway I called to see how SBC could “provide me with excellent customer service TODAY” and, sure enough, they can get all of my bills on one statement now for a dollar fifty charge per month, per line. What a bargain huh?

Finally, to the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors:

Please do not re-name the Bay Bridge Edward Scissorhands or anything else other than, “The Bay Bridge.” Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks to the smartest readers in the world. Happy New Year to you! Thanks for your business, referrals and great feedback in 2004. I have enjoyed meeting many of you this year and look forward to meeting more of you in 2005. This has been a very rewarding year for me personally and for Joseph Michaels, Inc. We look forward to serving your recruiting needs in 2005. Call Joseph Michaels, Inc. at 800-786-1099!

Warm Holiday and New Year regards,
Joe Pelayo

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