“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 198

How to Make Yourself More Influential

You’ll recall in the last Network! I posed the Billion-dollar question: Is YouTube the next Google? (Click here to re-read issue #197.) By now you know the answer is, sort of. YouTube has been acquired by Google for $1.65 Billion.

The entire Google IPO was only $2.7 Billion and that back when a Billion dollars was real money! The 27-year-old founder and the 67 employees get to keep their jobs and will run a separate division of Billion, oops, I mean Google. Does anybody smell a resurgence of a dot-boom?

Would the CEO Take Your Call?

A friend asked me an interesting question the other day. How many executives do you know that you could call up right now, and just tell the executive assistant your name and simply say, “It’s important,” and the CEO would take your call right then and there? Just your name and, “It’s important?”

It’s something to think about, isn’t it?

I threw out a number of 500 as a guesstimate. My friend was very impressed with that. In fact, he said that he’d been asking people that question for weeks, and that my answer was far and away the highest number that anyone had given him. Originally I thought it was a conservative number but the way he responded made me really think about it. Now I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. Hmmm… How many CEOs would take my call… How many would take your call? Something to think about…

Making Yourself More Influential

I remember years ago at a Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization meeting a friend asked if he could buy me a coffee after the meeting. I assumed he wanted to pick my brain, or access my network, or talk to me about how I could help him. Instead he began to ask me all sorts of thought provoking questions about increasing my business. At the end of the coffee I finally realized he had bought me a coffee to see how he could help me!

It was so rare, I have never forgotten it. Make a habit of buying people a coffee with the only intention of helping them. They’ll never forget it and you will surely add someone to your list of people who will always take your important calls.

Joe Pelayo, CEO of Joseph Michaels, Inc. has been named to SV100 – the 100 most influential individuals in Silicon Valley. Give him a call if “it’s important” at 800-786-1099. Or email jpelayo@josephmichaels.com

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