“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 200

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Below is a letter I received from Richard Miles, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters. A charity close to my heart, I asked Richard if I could re-run the letter in its entirety here in The Network!

Please read the letter start to finish and know that Joseph Michaels International has made a donation to this fine cause on your behalf and on behalf of all our many wonderful clients and friends. Thank you for making our progress possible. Consider becoming a Big!

Warmest Holiday Regards!
Joe Pelayo

P.S. If you decide to become a “Big” after reading this, let me know. I want to write about you and put your photo with your “Little” in a future issue of The Network!

Dear Friend;

I know you care about children. I’m writing to ask for your support.

We’ll make a big difference this year for about 1,000 kids by finding a Big Brother or Big Sister for them, and we’re making great progress.

But we know we can do better. There are another 700 boys and girls who are waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister of their own right now. And the longer these kids go without a positive adult role model in their life, the more likely they are to use drugs or alcohol, drop out of school, or get into other negative behavior. For a copy of our Bay Area Fact Sheet, see the link at the bottom of this letter.

In addition to the current waiting list, we get about 100 new inquiries a month. The average time spent waiting is two years. Our goal this year is to cut that waiting time in half.

You have the power to help make that happen. It takes professional staff to find, recruit, interview and screen the men and women who are willing to give their time to a child. And it takes more staff to provide the crucial ongoing support to make a long-lasting, quality “match” relationship.

It currently costs about $2500 to make and support the relationship between a child and his or her “Big.” With your contribution of any amount we can add the capability we need to keep up with the need. By making a donation now, you will help the children who are waiting get a positive adult role model.

“Lise is one of the best things that ever happened to me. She has always been there no matter what.
She is part of my family and I’m part of hers”
— Little Sister Heather…

Kids all over the Bay Area are counting on ordinary people who take a few hours out of their week to be their mentor, to be their friend and to just be there for them. The lucky kids who get a Big Brother or Big Sister are growing up to be the kind of adults their parents are proud of, and the kind of compassionate adults our community needs.

I know this to be true because besides being the CEO, I am also a Little Brother. My Dad passed away when I was very young. I went to bed wishing there was a man I could play with, who could show me how to do stuff, ruffle my hair and just spend time with me. Like a lot of kids in my situation, I learned how to hide these feelings and I acted them out in other ways.

But I’m one of the lucky ones. My Mom was able to get me matched with someone very special, and my Big Brother became the male role model I needed. I learned how to be a caring, responsible adult from my Big Brother. We are still part of each other’s lives, and I continue to rely on his guidance to this day.

That’s why I’m so passionate about making sure other Bay Area kids share my good fortune. I know that my personal and professional successes are living proof of the positive effect a Big Brother or Big Sister makes in a child’s life.

Joe Pelayo, C.P.C.
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