“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 152

Presidents Message

I swore I’d never order a coffee the way some of those goofballs do at Starbucks. You know the type, the other day this guy orders a “One-and-a-half shot, decaf Vente’, with a half-shot of vanilla, not too hot, double-cupped latte with low-fat milk.” The Starbucks guy didn’t even ask him to repeat it. What a mouthful. I just want a simple extra large coffee with lots of room for cream. So one day I’m ordering and the guy says, “Oh you want a Grande in a Vente’ cup.” So I started ordering it like that, thinking I’m still keeping it simple. The other day my wife and I go to Starbucks together and I order a “Double Vanilla Latte with whipped cream” for my wife and a “Grande in a Vente cup” for myself. I’ve become one.

Went to the movies and the guy asked me if, “for just a quarter more,” I wanted a bathtub full of popcorn. I explained politely that my wife doesn’t really like popcorn so since it’s just for me, a small is probably good enough. Then he holds up the bathtub so everyone in line can see how stupid I am and he says, “For a quarter more…” I politely said, “Thanks but no thanks,” and then he says, “Sir, if there is any evidence at all of intelligence in your entire family tree, please get the huge popcorn, it’s only a quarter more!” OK, I exaggerate, but only a little! Can someone please have a talk with these popcorn salespeople! Sheeshhh! Maybe we can somehow channel their energy and get the economy back on track.

Economy & the Job Market

Well, okay enough goofing around. I just returned from my brother’s wedding and a week of vacation to go along with it and I’m ready to work! Unfortunately, the local job market is making a VERY mild come back. The unemployment rate sits at 5.7% in the U.S., 6.2% in California, but in Santa Clara County its 7.6. San Francisco is only slightly better at 6.8%. They say, “There’s always good news if you’re looking for it”, be glad you’re not in Liberia where the unemployment rate is 70%!

Europe’s unemployment rate is nearly double ours and has been that way for some time. In a recent ranking of the World’s Worst Unemployment Rates, the United States is not even in the top 50. Here’s an interesting local link that shows the unemployment rate in your county.
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As I mentioned in a recent issue of “The Network”, the job market is traveling at about 15 miles per hour. The market is still limping along at about the same pace, maybe less. But hey things could be a lot worse right? “There’s always good news if you’re looking for it”. Here’s a list of some of the positions we do have available that are interviewing right now! Thanks in advance for your referral(s).

Remember if you’re thinking of hiring, think Joseph Michaels International. Call us @ 800-786-1099, I look forward to talking with you.

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