“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 147

Good Morning,

The job market is finally showing signs of stabilization. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 138,984 people were laid off in February 2002, down from 263,821 in January 2002 and down 8% when compared to February of 2001. For more information go to the BLS website.

The Ring Report

All of the economic indicators seem to be picking up, especially the most important one, the Ring Report. Technically, that’s the number of times my phone rings with someone on the other end, looking to hire! For a while there, I had to call myself each day just to make sure the phones were still working! Things seem to slowly be getting back to normal. If you’re hiring, we look forward to hearing from you. Call Joseph Michaels International @ 800-786-1099.

What a fun place to work!

I sent a cartoon link to a friend of mine. He replied:

“Joe, as for the humor, I’ll have to wait and view it from home. We have a new product at work called ‘Websense’ which does not allow our employees to receive humorous emails – no cartoons, no sports, no entertainment. Just work, work, work.”

Wow! What a fun place to work! I said sarcastically. Then I told my friend they should call that product Nonsense, or Ebeneezer Scrooge Sense. Can you imagine the tone of my friend’s emails with his firm using this silly product for controlling the employees…”Dear Bubba, Sorry to seem so serious all the time but if I write to you in happier tones Websense tends to think I’m goofing off and eliminates my message before it gets to you. Remind me and I will tell you a real doozie when I see you next. You will laugh your a…well…It’s especially humorous in nature. Have a good one (I’d say have a great one but sometimes Websense nukes that, thinking it’s too fun or too casual, I guess.) Take care.

I wonder if Websense will run a serious commercial in Super Bowl 2003. 63% of the companies who advertise will try to get you to laugh first, just before they flash their logo at you. Perhaps Websense will shoot for your straight face before they flash their logo…

Getting The Most From Your Spreadsheet

Here’s your updated list of Talent for Hire and Positions Available and another article from Dan Mannisto.

Five years ago this newsletter ran a popular article about spreadsheet productivity titled Getting The Most From Your Spreadsheet. I asked Dan a few questions about what’s changed in spreadsheet productivity in the last 5 years. Here’s Dan reply.
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Dan’s firm, Applied Analytix, offers free spreadsheet productivity seminars. Click here for information on seminars in April.
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