“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 141

Good Morning,

Missed it by a day. My wife, mom, dad, sister and I were all scheduled to fly to Spain for vacation on September 12th with a stopover in New York. I’m tuning in to CNN or surfing over to Yahoo.com for news every 5 minutes to see if we bombed Afghanistan yet and for better or for worse, we haven’t. I think it’s for the better. My mood has swung since September 11th. The day of the tragedy I would have said we should give Afghanistan 5 days to turn over bin Laden or else.

They say time heals all wounds. I don’t know about that on this one. I will say now that some time has passed, I can think less emotionally and more logically about what we should do. I haven’t yet come up with any great ideas, but I’m not sure blind bombing will do anything to curb terrorism. In fact, it might ignite more of it. That being said, if we know where bin Laden is, and we know he is responsible, what choice has he left us?

My wife and I did take a mini-vacation in Monterey and had a nice time but spent much of the time checking in with Headline News, etc. If you want to give your heart and mind a rest from the news, go see a movie, specifically the new release Hardball. My wife and I thought it was terrific; let me know what you think. We also rented an interesting movie called Startup.com, a documentary about Govworks.com, a local start up that raised hundreds of millions in venture capital in the dotcoms boom, grew to 230 employees in a year and then… well, I won’t ruin it for you.

Is anyone interested in going out in a raft at McCovey Cove to catch Barry Bonds’ 71st homer this weekend? There is some talk in my office about getting a group together to go out there. I think they are serious. In the interest of “Getting on with business in America”, here’s an updated list of Positions Available and Talent for Hire. I hope you and your family are well.

Warm Regards,
Joe Pelayo

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