“The Network!” Newsletter Issue # 127

Good Morning,

My wife and I have been house hunting and we saw a house yesterday that only had two problems with it. Too little house for too much money! I think it’s healthy for me to be house hunting in this crazy market. It helps me relate to my clients better. There’s a lot of Homeowners and Candidates out there asking for too much for too little! And fortunately or unfortunately, depending on whether you’re buying or selling, they’re getting it. Here’s an updated list of, “semi-reasonable sellers”, (Talent For Hire) and a Lou Holtz story courtesy of Fred Treadwell. I thought it might provide you with a laugh. Enjoy!

Said Lou:

“You (the coach) must be nice to your ‘A’ students because they become your Nobel Prize winners. You must be nice to your ‘B’ students because they’ll become your faculty. And you must be nice to your ‘C’ students and below because they’ll go out and make the most money and you need them as benefactors.”

Lou said he graduated in the bottom half of his high school class. He added, “What really made it bad was, it was a dumb class.”

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